Seekers recognizes that any member of the community may be called upon by God to give us the Word, and thus we have an open pulpit with a different preacher each week. Sermons preached at Seekers, as well as sermons preached by Seekers at other churches or events, are posted here, beginning with the most recent.

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Feel free to use what is helpful from these sermons. We only ask that when substantial portions are abstracted or used in a written work, please credit Seekers Church and the author, and cite the URL.

Marjory Zoet Bankson: Seekers' Pentecostal Roots

July 07, 1996

20 years ago this week, Peter and I came to this church for the first time. I remember because our household goods were delivered the day before the Nation’s Bicentennial and we watched a few of the highest fireworks from our back porch the next day. Having read about Church of the Saviour in FAITH AT WORK magazine and taught from Elizabeth O’Connor’s Eighth Day of Creation while we were in Kansas, we looked forward to being part of this creative community.


Marjory Zoet Bankson: LECH-LECHA: Go Forth

June 30, 1996

At the literal level, the gospel reading for today is fairly obvious: even a cup of cold water constitutes mission in the name of Jesus. And, in an age of quick rewards and tight schedules, maybe that’s all we have time for! But the context of this reading from Matthew suggests a deeper theme — one that puts it squarely in the middle of Pentecost and what it means to live with the Holy Spirit.


Pat Conover: Three Ways to Know God

June 16, 1996

Last Sunday was special to me in part because of David’s prayer of confession and the interaction with David during the sharing. To preach in Seekers is an act of vulnerability, whether the preacher likes it or not. David brought us a picture of his theological engagement around a classic Christian doctrine. This was important enough to him that he was willing to risk the reactions and stay with us for the next round of conversation. Since I’ve said a few things from this pulpit that were not well-received by everyone, I know this is not all pleasure…