We use the Revised Common Lectionary, a list of Bible readings used by many churches and denominations around the world.

The specific readings, the reflection that begins our worship, and a guiding question for this season are below.

2023 Epiphany Lectionary: Showing the Way

Maybe you will not be called
With the coal held to your lips,
The rush of wings of
Ambitious angels
Covering you. …
But maybe you will be called by
Fallen mustard seeds and
Open-eyed dreams.
Maybe you will be called by
The ordinary and the striking,
The places where your heart catches
More than once. …
Maybe you will know that
Your call is no less real
Because it comes with
Seeds in your hand
And the taste of fruit in your mouth,
With a sound so soft
It could have just been the breeze,
But wasn’t.

–- Laura Martin
Associate Pastor
Rock Spring Congregational UCC, Arlington, VA

Showing the Way

Readings are available on the internet at https://lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu//