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Books by Seekers Church Authors


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 Calling on God 4Web 1Bankson, Peter and Deborah Sokolove: Calling on God: Inclusive Christian Prayers for Three Years of Sundays

This is a prayerbook for today’s Christians who find comfort in the rhythm of the traditional lectionary but long to connect with God in ways that aare satisfying to the modern heart and mind.


Stalking the SpiritBankson, Marjory Zoet: Stalking the Spirit in a Do-It-Yourself Church                               

This book is the story of Seekers Church, known for creative worship, an open pulpit, shared leadership a strong matrix of mission groups and generous giving.


10_Feb_MZB_New_Book_liteBankson, Marjory Zoet: Creative Aging, Rethinking Retirement and Non-Retirement in a Changing World

This book explores the spiritual dimensions of retirement and aging, offering creative ways to to share your gifts and experience, particularly when retirement leaves you questioning who you are when you are no longer defined by your career.

2008-11-24-soulworkofclay.jpgBankson, Marjory Zoet: The Soulwork of Clay, A Hands-On Approach to Spirituality

The book takes the reader through a seven-step process of making clay into a pot, drawing parallels at each stage to the process of spiritual growth.


Braided Streams Book CoverBankson, Marjory Zoet. Braided Streams: Esther and a Woman’s Way of Growing.

Explores how the spiritual, cultural and physical streams of life intersect for wholeness.

Call of the SoulBankson, Marjory Zoet. Call to the Soul: Six Stages of Spiritual Development

Describes the Cycle of Call (inward & outward dimensions) and the Spiral of Call (identity, work, gift and legacy).

Seasons of Friendship Book CoverBankson, Marjory Zoet. Seasons of Friendship: Naomi and Ruth as a Pattern.

A biblical guide for reflection on friendship.

The Story of Seekers ChurchBankson, Marjory Zoet. The Story of Seekers Church (1976-2006) (Available only through Seekers Church).

A documentary record of this second-generation Church of the Saviour community.


Transgender Good NewsConover, Pat. Transgender Good News.

A description of transgendered experience in physical, cultural and spiritual dimensions.
Available from New Wineskins Press for $19, 
12 Wessex Rd., Silver Spring, MD, 20910.


Dyer, Sonya. Growing Our Life Together.

Liturgical prayers and leadership observations from one of the founders of Seekers.



Lipp, Muriel. Secrets of the Forest.

A lovely book for children, ages 4-8.



McMakin, Jacqueline and Rhoda Nary. The Doorways Series.

Encountering God in the Old Testament.

Exploring key identities of God in the Hebrew scriptures and their meaning for us.

McMakin, Jacqueline and Rhoda Nary. Meeting Jesus in the New Testament

A guide to deciding what Jesus means to us today.

Journeying With the Spirit

Deepening our spiritual journey through key tools from the Christian experience.

Discerning Your Gifts, Vision, and Call

How to bring our uniqueness to the world.

McMakin, Jacqueline and Dyer, Sonya. Working From the Heart

An exploration of how to create meaningful work.



Morris, J. The Musician Approaching Sleep

A chapbook of poetry.




Powell, Mary Clare. The Widow. 
A pictorial essay of MC’s mother, Ruth Powell.


Powell, Mary Clare. This Way Daybreak Comes. 
An early feminist book which includes several Seekers.



Vail, Hollis. Essences of Love. 
Eleven threads common to loving relationships.

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