New Issue of The Church of the Saviour Newsletter

The Winter edition of “CALLINGS in Church of the Saviour” is available online and in print. (Click here for the printable copy.) Here is an overview from the Editor’s Corner:

As the seeds of new missions continue to sprout within the Church of the Saviour, CALLINGS makes our newer missions visible to the wider church. In this issue, Recovery Café DC is partnering with other strong organizations to create new housing and new services in the Anacostia area of DC. And in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, gentrification is happening all around the Potter’s House, which makes their Pay-It-Forward program even more critical for keeping low-income families in this neighborhood.…

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Domestic Giving 2021

The recipient organizations of our domestic giving vary somewhat from year to year. The general rule is that one or more Seekers are personally involved in these organizations in some way. Recipients are chosen by consensus during an open meeting of the congregation at the start of every year.

Seekers Church donates generously to missions and ministries within the United States, with an amount budgeted that equals a bit over 25% of expected offerings for the year.  The community has agreed to several conditions to ensure that our giving is connected to and reinforces our personal efforts and passions. These connections should reinforce Seekers values, involve significant personal support from Seekers’ members, and foster a change from charity to solidarity.…

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Jacqie Wallen, photographer, watercolorist, poet

“At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity.”   Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

The above quote expresses so well how artistic expression and my practice of psychotherapy intertwine and promote growth and healing for myself and others.  Both psychotherapy and art involve a courageous venture into an unformed and mysterious interiority and result in the creation of coherence and shared meaning.

I like to take risks as an artist and to try new ideas and media. …

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Emmy Lu Daly, Poet

Emmy Lu says, “I write poetry to bring some insight into what I think and feel about the joys and challenges I’m confronted with every day, and to thank God for giving me the gift to express it with some originality.”

Here are some of her poems.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Fingers numb, neck stiff, nose red.
Ah, how I dream of a warmer time.
Will it ever come? Will I make it to then?
Months pass. I am expiring at the bus stop.
Fruitlessly fanning my face with a newspaper,

about to dissolve into the concrete.

Why, why did I ever long for a midsummer’s day?…

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Margreta Silverstone, Fabric Artist and Crafter


Margreta Silverstone is an artist and crafter. Her chosen medium involves fabric and the cutting and reconstructing of fabric into different forms – whether for pure visual pleasure or including functional components.


Margreta’s quilts have been included in international shows, published works and in corporate collections. She mostly works with cottons, but recently completed a commission that used Japanese silks. To see her quilts, please visit


Functional items include purses, face masks, pouches to hold straws and other products. Margreta has sold items at in person craft shows and through her online Etsy shop. She often uses her aesthetic of combining visual images from patchwork into the creation of purses, backpacks and various holders.…

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