New Story Leadership 2014

July 20, 2014

The 6th Sunday after Pentecost

New Story Leadership for the Middle East is an organization that brings together Israeli and Palestinian young adults to work, live, and share their stories with one another and with faith communities. Participants in this summer’s program spoke at Seekers this morning during the time of sharing the Word. Two speakers from among the participants were introduced by NSL founder Paul Costello. In introducing them, Paul reminded us that it is listening that enables witnesses to become prophets, a theme familiar to Seekers from our founding.

Ahmad Hmeedat, from Bethlehem, Palestine, was born in the Dehieshah Refugee Camp. Ahmad spoke of the visits of Pope Francis and Pope Benedict to the refugee camp as signs and sources of hope. An artist, Ahmad plans, on his return to Palestine, to be a “painter for peace,” creating images of a shared peaceful future, side-by-side, for Israelis and Palestinians.

Lior Yafe was originally from GanYavne, Israel and now lives in Jerusalem. His name means “life is beautiful.” In the current conflict, rockets have hit within 100 meters of Lior’s parent’s home. He asked that Seekers carry all ten of the NSL participants in our hearts: “Pray for us; take us with you.”


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