New Issue of The Church of the Saviour Newsletter

The Winter edition of “CALLINGS in Church of the Saviour” is available online and in print. (Click here for the printable copy.) Here is an overview from the Editor’s Corner:

As the seeds of new missions continue to sprout within the Church of the Saviour, CALLINGS makes our newer missions visible to the wider church. In this issue, Recovery Café DC is partnering with other strong organizations to create new housing and new services in the Anacostia area of DC. And in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, gentrification is happening all around the Potter’s House, which makes their Pay-It-Forward program even more critical for keeping low-income families in this neighborhood. Along with the thriving bookstore, this will give Potter’s House a distinctive mission as other coffee houses spring up in these fancy new buildings. Now is the time to spotlight this distinctive role for Potter’s House.

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