Depression 1932 by Emmy Lu Daly

Hard times in Stillwater. We got by.
We bartered advertisements for food, clothing, coal.
Others, not so lucky.
When the Rices ran out of coal, they’d camp out in our house.
We’d huddle around the table, work on jigsaw puzzles to forget.
We’d go sliding down the long hill in front of our house,
dressed warm enough to join Admiral Byrd at the North Pole.

Come March the snow began to melt.
We’d launch tin cans to sail on the streams rushing down the gullies.
High hilarity, Spring was here, almost.
Roosevelt, the NRA, the CCC slowly brought out of the

and just live with it?

No doubt. But how do I learn to do that?

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Have Faith by Emmy Lu Daly
Poet - Mary Clare Powell