“Jesus, Our Food System is in Need of Healing ” by Aline Silva


August 21, 2022

In March, Seekers Church entered into a partnership with CreatureKind, and the Stewards affirmed the call of our CreatureKind Ministry Team, which is supporting different initiatives to strengthen the part of our community commitment to caring for all of Creation.

CreatureKind is a nationwide ministry whose mission is to encourage Christians to recognize faith-based reasons for caring about the wellbeing of fellow animal creatures used for food, and to take practical action in response.

This morning, Aline Silva joined worship at Seekers Church to bring the Word. Aline serves as the co-Director of CreatureKind, Prior to coming to CreatureKind, Aline served for over a decade as a local parish pastor of rural and farming populations in Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado. 

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“Pilgrimage as a Spiritual Path” by Will Ramsey


August 7, 2022

Every time I think of a pilgrimage, I end up asking myself questions. Will the steps I take expand my traditions?  Religious and family traditions come to mind, but I would also extend the question to rituals, habits, and routines.  Can spiritual experiences alter or interrupt any or all these activities that can be so automatic we don’t even think about them?  I asked myself these questions when Teresa and I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain back in 2019.  The question of spirit over tradition accompanied me throughout the 520-mile walk.  …

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“Teach Us to Pray” Marjory Bankson


July 24, 2022

“Teach us to pray,” the disciples said, “the way John taught his disciples.” As Luke tells the story, Jesus then gave them the right words to use, and many Christians have prayed the Lord’s prayer on autopilot ever since. In the language of King James, it’s “Our Father, who art in heaven….”

Didn’t they already know how to pray? We know they’ve been praying to heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the nearness of God’s realm, so why this poignant new request – teach us to pray?…

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“The DNA of Call” by Peter Bankson


July 17, 2022

Our theme for this Pentecost season is “Wisdom is Calling.” The reflection question has been “Who are you listening to?” Good question! To which I might add… and how are you listening?  

When I looked at the scriptures for this week, they felt really relevant to where we are as a community. I knew I’d offered the Word on them before and wanted to offer something different.  

While I was wandering around in my head looking for a metaphor to help focus my thoughts, I heard something unexpected that woke me up to a new possibility.…

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