“A White South African Speaks to American Christians”


On Saturday, November 12th Seekers Church will welcome and honor Reverend Peter Storey, a South African Methodist minister and theologian, to share some of his experience. Reverend Storey is the former president of the Methodist Church of South Africa and bishop of Johannesburg, former president of the South African Council of Churches, and Professor at Duke University Divinity School. He was a leading voice in the struggle against apartheid, was a prison chaplain to Nelson Mandela, and was deeply engaged in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Peter is a critical link that led Seekers to a deep engagement in and with South Africa, including our support to the Carpenters’ medical work and later M.U.K.A.,…

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Racial & Ethnic Justice Ministry Team

Seekers Church acknowledges and confronts the difficult history of white supremacy and racism that we and other Christian churches have perpetuated.  We seek to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism in ourselves, in our faith community, in our nation and in our world – by better aligning our words and actions to the hopes and teachings of Jesus.

Moving forward the team will support our work toward:

  • Centering and following the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of (BIPOC) Color voices and ethnic minorities.
  • Deconstructing our racist systems of punishment, oppression and control.
  • Divesting resources from systems that are causing harm.
  • Building systems of safety, care and racial healing for all.

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“Jesus, Our Food System is in Need of Healing ” by Aline Silva


August 21, 2022

In March, Seekers Church entered into a partnership with CreatureKind, and the Stewards affirmed the call of our CreatureKind Ministry Team, which is supporting different initiatives to strengthen the part of our community commitment to caring for all of Creation.

CreatureKind is a nationwide ministry whose mission is to encourage Christians to recognize faith-based reasons for caring about the wellbeing of fellow animal creatures used for food, and to take practical action in response.

This morning, Aline Silva joined worship at Seekers Church to bring the Word. Aline serves as the co-Director of CreatureKind, Prior to coming to CreatureKind, Aline served for over a decade as a local parish pastor of rural and farming populations in Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado. 

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“Pilgrimage as a Spiritual Path” by Will Ramsey


August 7, 2022

Every time I think of a pilgrimage, I end up asking myself questions. Will the steps I take expand my traditions?  Religious and family traditions come to mind, but I would also extend the question to rituals, habits, and routines.  Can spiritual experiences alter or interrupt any or all these activities that can be so automatic we don’t even think about them?  I asked myself these questions when Teresa and I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain back in 2019.  The question of spirit over tradition accompanied me throughout the 520-mile walk.  …

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