“Seeing with Eyes of the Heart” by Kolya Braun-Greiner

November 22, 2020

Reign of Christ Sunday

May the eyes of your heart be enlightened! This is an opening prayer of the letter to the community in Ephesus. The latter part of this verse – knowing the hope to which God has called you – I will address in a few moments. My own heart leapt for joy when I discovered that this passage, one of my favorites, was one of the lectionary readings for this Sunday, a day I chose (or it chose me) before I knew what the lectionary was going to be. Verse 18, the focus of this sermon, was the scripture upon which I printed cards for the Christian youth as a blessing for their journey when they graduated from the program with Interfaith Youth for Climate Justice, where I served as a mentor.…

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The Thanksgiving Address: Greetings to the Natural World

November 15, 2020

This morning, a group of Seekers who were part of the book study of Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer, read the traditional Thanksgiving Address of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations or Iroquois) people. Kimmerer notes that these “Words that Come Before All Else” are spoken at the beginning of the school day, as well as at other ceremonial and governmental gatherings.…

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Seekers’ BLM Witness

Since last spring, Seekers have been witnessing weekly for Black Lives Matter in front of Seekers Church, accompanied by a musical background of stirring peace and justice songs. It is a wonderful opportunity to show up for racial justice and experience unity as passing drivers and pedestrians of all races and ethnicities wave and raise fists.  Cars honk, bicyclists ring their little bike bells, pedestrians thank us, and sometimes passers-by ask for a sign and join in.  During this dark time of year, you’ll see us standing there from 12:30 to 1:30 pm on Sundays.  Feel free to join us—we have signs for anyone who needs one.…

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