2021 Trinity Lectionary: The Strength of Threeness

Wooden three-legged stool

A booklet that was circulated in 1965 by the Church of the Saviour … contained the following statement: “From the earliest days of the church a core assumption has been that  the greatest impact on the world comes about by small, committed and  disciplined communities of people focused on outward mission, inward  transformation, and loving, accountable community.” When Seekers Church formed in 1976, it embraced the three “legs” of a Christian life: the inward journey, supported by daily spiritual practices; the outward journey of mission in the world;  and a community of committed people who deepen their lives of faith  together and hold each other accountable.…

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“Harmony in the Key of Compassion” by Peter Bankson

May 9, 2021

pastel drawing by Martha Phillips

During the Easter season this year Celebration Circle has invited us to focus on witnesses, asking us what it means to be witnesses to the Resurrection in these chaotic times. This question got me pondering not only what we are witnessing, but what difference how we witness makes.   

The lectionary readings for this week led me to reflect on the Resurrection as an expression of God’s love for this Creation, how we recognize the love of God, how we witness to it, and how we can contribute to its health and growth.…

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A Sermon about Christ House by Jayme Epstein and Micheal J

May 2, 2021

pastel drawing by Martha Phillips

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Jayme Epstein is the volunteer coordinator at Christ House, one of the ministries that grew out of the Church of the Saviour. Micheal J is a member of the Kairos permanent housing program.

Good morning, and thank you for inviting us to join you this morning. Micheal and I are delighted to have the opportunity to share the Christ House story with you.

Our Director of Development shares a story that captures the essence of Christ House: one morning, she greeted one of the patients, saying, “It’s nice to see you today!”…

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“The Good Shepherd” by Erica Lloyd

April 25, 2021

pastel drawing by Martha Phillips

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Those of you with whom I’ve discussed preaching know that I preach once every few months because it generally takes me that long to write a sermon. I’ve been working on a sermon about today’s epistle passage since late February. I’ve been wrestling with issues around giving, and John’s question really got me: “How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and sees a neighbor in need and yet refuses to help?” It hit me in gut in the way that for me has only come to mean I need to sign up to preach, because I need to dedicate time and effort to the wrestling match between my heart and scripture.…

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“How Do We Announce Peace?” by Gilberto Quesada Mora

April 18, 2021

pastel drawing by Martha Phillips

The Third Sunday of Easter

Our guest speaker this morning was Gilberto Quesada Mora, pastor of the Costa Rican Lutheran Church and director of the church’s Refugee Center. He spoke in Spanish, with Oswaldo Montoya providing an English translation at the end of each paragraph. Below is the text in Spanish and in English.

En medio de este contexto de pandemia y de nuevos casos, pero también de vacunas, vale la pena gritar muy fuerte Paz a ustedes…de la misma manera que Jesús lo dice a sus discípulos.

En este momento de la historia es muy difícil proclamar la paz, pues nuestro mundo está amenazado por todos lados tanto por Covid, pero también por la violencia, la desconfianza, la miseria, la corrupción y la destrucción progresiva del Planeta.

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